Video About Reach And Teach

In April 2014, Reach And Teach was honored to receive the 2014 Sustainability Award from Sustainable San Mateo. The following video was created by Rick Bacigalupi of BACIPIX for the awards ceremony. We are so grateful to Rick and all the wonderful people who appear in the video and ALL of the people who support Reach And Teach and our goal to transform the world through teachable moments.

Reach and Teach is a Green Certified Business

Nationally and locally in the State of California and San Mateo County, Reach and Teach is certified as a business that has taken the extra steps to be environmentally conscious in the day to day ways it does business.

What is Green America's Green Business Certification?

This seal from Green America informs consumers that this business is deeply committed to both environmental and social justice. Green America’s Green Business Certification is one of the oldest and most reputable consumer trustmarks in the marketplace and the first to include both social and environmental criteria.

It is also holistic in another way – Green America examines the entire business’s practices and policies, not individual products or corporate divisions.

Green America’s Green Business Certification offers consumers assurance that businesses bearing the Green America Seal have met industry-specific standards relating to the environment and social justice. The Certification offers businesses a thoughtful, efficient way to earn a meaningful consumer-facing business certification.


California Green Business Network

As consumers, we have the option to vote with our dollar and show businesses what we value. Choosing environmentally-friendly products is one way to show that we care about the environment. Another is to support green businesses. Reach and Teach is one of a number of business owners who also value the environment. You have the opportunity to choose greener products and services by patronizing an increasing number of local Certified Green Businesses. Click here to find other certified green businesses in the area and throughout the state.