The Reach and Teach Peace Tree

The Reach and Teach Peace Tree was designed to ask and hopefully answer the question: "Can a holiday decoration change the world?"Photo of Peace Tree @ Reach and Teach

Peter Drucker, a guru of business management, is quoted to have said, "If you can't measure it, you can't change it." The lights on this tree are connected to the Internet and blink in response to people posting photos on Instagram with the hashtag #peace. The lights will twinkle in a special way when anyone tags an Instagram post with the combined hashtags of #peace #peaceaction. So whenever you are feeling a bit down about the state of the world, you can look at a peace tree and be reminded that there are many people working to make the world a better place. You can find a story about how the Reach and Teach Peace Tree came into existence at:

The hope is to have as many Peace Trees out in the world as possible. We also hope to eventually have a peace tree at the United Nations. Click here to get a Peace Tree of your very own! (If you would rather try building one completely from scratch, we have posted an instructable here)

NOTE: In May, 2023, we changed the peace tree response logic to respond to Instagram posts about peace instead of Twitter posts. We have done this for a variety of reasons including Twitter's termination of a free API.

Here's a live feed from the Peace Tree located at our shop in San Carlos, CA.  Click play to see our Peace Tree in action. (Note: The video feed changes from color to B/W after dark.)

Light up the Peace Tree with your own visions of peace...

What you share here is not recorded and will not appear anywhere so you can be as personal as you want with what you type. But the Peace Tree will respond when you click the "Submit" button with a special light show.

If you want to publicly share your meditation for peace, post an image on instagram with a description that includes "#peace  [your personal peace meditation] #peaceaction". 

If you would like a Peace Tree...

You can now get a Peace Tree of your very own and be part of our initial launch of 200 Peace Trees out in the world. Each of the assembled hardware kits are made to order so allow a couple of weeks for us to assemble and ship. Peace Tree hardware is currently designed for indoor use only. We are working on an outdoor/waterproof version. You will need a WiFi connection and a power outlet or a place to plug in the provided USB power cable. You will also need a plant, indoor tree, or other object to string your lights on. The LEDs are low power and temperature but like for all electrical items, be careful and mindful not to mount your lights near any flammable objects.

Click on the link below to purchase your Peace Tree today.