Wonder Soil Classroom Gardening Kit

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Transform your classroom into a sustainable garden paradise with the Classroom Gardening Kit! Wonder Soil provides the perfect growing environment for your plants, with an eco-friendly compressed coco coir mix, enriched with natural nutrients and essential components. Let your students explore the joy of gardening and watch their wonder grow!

This Classroom Gardening Kit is perfect for educators and guardians who wish to stimulate their students' or youngsters' enthusiasm for farming, nature, science and the environment.

Up to 30 children can apply and improve their Learning Through Play, providing an opportunity for them to be delighted when their seed kit yields magnificent plants such as Marigold, Peas and Basil.

This Classroom Gardening Kit from Wonder Soil delivers 30 coir pots of 3-inch size, 30 nutrient-rich wafers, and seeds for cultivating.


1. Place the wafer in a pot then slowly add water and mix well.

2. Add the seeds and cover loosely with soil.

3. As the plant grows, the roots will penetrate through the pot.

4. Plant into the ground and fertilize as needed with more Wonder Soil.

Price: $29.95