UGears Combination Lock

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Using real life mechanical principles and designs, this sophisticated model provides a first-hand look into the inner workings of a combination lock. See how each piece works together as you put them in their proper place. Uncover the mystery of lock-work and become the master of secrets - both keeping and finding them.

A customizable 3-digit system allows you to craft over 1000 number combinations. Challenge your friends, family, or classroom to crack the code!

The model consists of two parts, a lock and a small storage compartment. Stash your hidden treasure in the compartment to keep it safe from others or to motivate would-be codebreakers with the promise of a prize. For personal use, the compartment can hide keys, cash, or other small items. The model even has a convenient eyelet for easy fixture to a backpack, purse, or other bag.

The model is constructed from 34 eco-friendly wooden pieces which can be assembled in under 3 hours. The model required no messy glue and no cumbersome tools to assemble, making for a hassle-free construction with the help of the detailed step-by-step instructions included. This easy, lightweight, fully self-contained kit is the perfect gift for tinkerers, learners, and secret-keepers of any age. 

Assembly Time: 2 hours

Level: Easy


Price: $26.99
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