UGears Cash Register

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This clever mechanical money box may look outdated but is has some interesting modern features to boost its usefulness. Like its real-life prototype, this model has code-locked boxes for your coins and notes. For extra protection, you can continually update your personal code using the built-in code mechanism. You can ensure that your finances are kept secure. To keep track of your finances, this model is even equipped with a counter and an automatic coin detector. If you ever need to access your savings, enter your secret code to unlock the Cash Register and turn the key until the cashbox pops out. Accessing this cashbox will also reset the counter.

Even though UGears is based in the U.S., this money bank can accept most notes and coins circulating throughout the world. The coin slot allows for coins ranging from 10 to 35 mm in diameter. When it comes to storing money inside the internal cashbox, there are two fun ways to insert notes and coins. To add a coin, put it into a special slot, lift and lower the lever and the coin will disappear inside the box. To add a note, you can use the automatic bill acceptor. In order to initiate this mechanism, simply wind up the rubber-band motor by pulling the lever up and down ten times. This will allow your cash register to swiftly pull in 3 to 4 notes at one time from the note slot.

Each component needed to craft this Cash Register is made of pre-cut high quality plywood. Full assembly of all 405 parts can be completed in just a few hours. Age 14+

Assembly Time: 5 hours

Level: Advanced

Price: $64.90
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