UGears Carousel

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Delight in the whimsy of taking another spin around and around on your favorite horse, as the carousel features a working mechanism that allows the delightful scene to come to life right before your eyes. Feel a hint of nostalgia as mini wooden horses, fashioned after the real classics, rise and fall as the ride turns. The carousel's mechanism is powered simply with rubber bands and gears which are visible to the eye, creating a display with extra visual interest as you view what powers this mini marvel. It's simple to get the model moving: just a quick turn of the key located under the base provides the rubber band tension needed to get the gears turning. This model comes complete with 305 parts for you to assemble to create your masterpiece. The kit features sustainable, high-quality wood that comes pre-cut and ready to build without any additional glues or chemicals needed so you can jump straight into the fun and get started right away. 

With an approximately seven-hour build time, the UGears Carousel is perfect for an afternoon distraction or for spreading the fun across several days. It provides the perfect difficulty level for challenging both adults and older children alike, and even get smaller ones in on the fun by offering it up as a fun, decorative gift. The completed carousel model makes for a whimsical addition to a shelf or display cabinet and is downright adorable adorning a nursery or child's room. 

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