Tronex 72+ Science Workshop

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Reach And Teach Says:

When a child sees the Tronex kit out on the table in our shop, wired up to make one of our K'Nex devices start moving, it is always so much fun to ask "Would you like to try this?" Most often the answer is an enthusaistic yes. We'll have the kid press the on switch and make things happen. "What do you think is going on here?" We'll ask. Within a few moments we'll pull all the wires off and teach a mini engineering lesson on circuits. How do you get power from these batteries through an on/off switch to make this motor run? We LOVE seeing the lightbulb go on, literally, as a youngster realizes that he or she has the power (literally) to make things work. Five minutes of inspiration can turn into a lifetime of building and engineering with this terrific "old school" electronics kit. Then.... once you've done the 72+ experiments in the booklet, how about extending it to other motors, sensors, computer apps and Internet of Things (IOT) devices? "Hey Google!"

About This Product:

This Science Workshop features more than 72 exciting and educational experiments! Kids interact with light, magnetic, sound and touch control while learning realistic concepts of electronics and electricity. Activities include connecting to AM/FM radio, musical sounds, color filters, LED lights and many more!

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