Smart Phone Microscope

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Reach And Teach says: 

When we first got these in, a father from across the way spotted them and took one home to try out during a hike with his kids. The next day he came back and bought ten of them, one for each of his co-workers with kids. "We had so much fun looking at leaves, and bugs, and anything we came across! The optics are amazing and we were able to take pictures of some of the things and post them online.... Love it!!!"

We couldn't agree more!

Feather as seen by smart phone microscope
    Feather as viewed using the Smart Phone Microscope


About the Product:

Capture stunning photographs and videos with this microscope that attaches to your smart phone. 30X magnification for amazing close ups and details.

Works with all smart phones and tablets that have cameras.

Price: $10.00