Slingball Junior

On Hand: 6
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Customer: "I can't figure out what to get for this 8 year old kid who is really active, loves sports, loves being outdoors......" Reach And Teach: Djubi Slingball!!!! He'll have hours of fun playing with friends outdoors. It is like a frisbee, but much easier to learn and kids all over Europe are playing like its the new soccer, I mean football." 

It’s the ultimate game of catch that allows you to send the ball sailing over 75 feet! It relies on a unique launching system that creates maximum distance and maximum fun! The balls come with a rubber loop attached, allowing players to launch them from a hook on the racket frame. It’s perfect to help sports enthusiast and catch aficionados elevate their game.

The smallest Djubi. It’s designed with an e-z launch guide, generous net, and looped handle for little hands. It relies on the same hook and looped ball mechanism that the Classic and Slingball are known for, but the balls are guided as they are pulled back, while the looped handle makes grip easier during launching.



Price: $19.95