RTPlayground2 Inventor's Kit

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Sometimes you just want to create something quickly that requires the power of a microprocessor but you don't want to use your laptop with your development environment on it and don't really want to write any code. You just want to directly jump to tinkering. Check out just a few of the many projects you will be able to accomplish with this kit at: reachandteach.com/rtplayground2 or BIT.LY/rtplayground2

This kit is a great addition to any electronics kit (like our Tronex set) and/or your collection of K'nex parts or kits to get you doing some really fun and useful things in a very short period of time making it easy to play with your ideas without getting bogged down in the design. This makes for a nice gift for the young or older inventor/tinkerer in your life!

  • Circuit Playground Express loaded w/ CircuitPython and Reach and Teach's own RTPlayground2 software
  • LCA710 Solid State Relay
  • 6 alligator clips
  • Battery holder (requires 3 AA rechargeable batteries not included)
  • USB to micro Usb cable
  • 1K resistor
  • 170 point breadboard
  • K'nex mounted servo to add servo control to your K'nex inventions
  • Cardboard K'nex motor adapter template to allow your K'nex invention to be computer controlled
  • Red and Green cardboard cards to control the RTPlayground2
  • FREE online instructables for fun projects to get you started
  • Replace our code with your own if desired (Python, MakeCode, C++, Javascript)
RTPlayground2 Inventor's Kit
Price: $54.95