Race to the Treasure

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Reach And Teach says:

We LOVE this game and have enjoyed introducing it to so many kids and families in our shop. Easy to learn, fast to play, and addictive! AND cooperative!!!!

About the Game:

Players try to beat the ogre to the treasure by creating a path from START to END. Along the way they need to collect three keys to open the treasure. Players strategize, cooperate, and build the path together. If they do it before the ogre gets there, they all win! Kids love working together to defeat the ogre. Building onto a path encourages kids to think two steps ahead and to look at all possibilities. Game play changes each game depending on where the keys are placed.

INCLUDES: 1 game board, 1 pair of dice, 37 game cards, 4 key tokens, 1 Ogre snack and instructions

Price: $18.95