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See where the human beings of the world live, and how many are where. This map makes learning the population of each country an exciting visual experience. Each country is shown proportional to its population. The map presents people, not territory. Each square of the grid on the map represents a million people. From the perspective of population, China is the biggest country in the world! India is not far behind. For a real shock, compare Indonesia with the United States. This map shows how the USA is only a small part of the whole, 4.5% or less than one-twentieth of the Earth's humans.

The map is enhanced by a series of startling and informative images on the reverse side showing population by continent, throughout human history, including: 100,000 years ago; at the time of the birth of Christ; at 1650 AD; at 1900 AD, and population projections for the year 2150. There is also a new thumbnail panel showing the percentages of children under 15 years old -- the strongest predictor of future population growth.

Paper, Coated stock - Folded to 8.5x11"

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