Pinbox 3000 Pinball Machine Kit

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Reach And Teach says: Derrick loves Origami and Craig loves pinball so this was the perfect match for them! This is an incredibly fun project to build and will provide hours and years of fun after it is built. We have a partially built one of these outside our shop when we are open and kids and adults are drawn to it like magnets. 

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About the Product:

Think outside the box—build a DIY pinball machine with it. This Made in the USA kit comes with everything you need to build a full-fledged machine with cardboard. Build, customize obstacles, then decorate. You won’t need batteries, tools, or screens  just some ready-to-fold hands.

  • Made in the USA: Philadelphia, PA
  • Step-by-step instructions are printed on the parts themselves. For more detailed instructions, please see the step-by-step assembly video
  • Average assembly time is one hour
  • No batteries, tools, or screens required
  • Lightweight and recyclable material
  • Can customize different designs, obstacles, and pathways
  • Two PinBox 3000 games may be connected for two-player Battlemode

Printable graphics should be printed on 18" x 12" sheets of paper: Blank Classic Template; Blue Space Template; Pink Crystals Template; Red With Shapes Template; White With Shapes Template; Mystery Thing Template; Bubble Crystals Template; Playboard Design Template; Multi-Game Adapter


Cardboard, glass marbles, plastic rivets


Keep away from moisture, and at room temperature


Two interchangeable playboards with flippers and launchers, thirty-nine die-cut parts in twelve slides, three marbles, fifteen sets of box rivets (thirty total), twelve rubber bands, a design pencil, a hole punch, and an instruction sheet

Add Makey Makey......

Wanna trick out your Pinbox 3000 with electronics? We've got the perfect addition. Add Makey Makey! Click here to learn more about this amazing invention kit that will have your Pinbox 3000 binging, boinging, and scoring!


Price: $49.95
We will build the basic pinball machine, still leaving lots of room for you to customize!