Peters World Atlas

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We could spend hours and hours going over every page of this incredible book, learning about different parts of the world and comparing how they fare in critical social, economic, and environmental ways. Stunning maps, fascinating information, the world at your fingertips and we are among the few places left on the planet where you can get this book, AND, rather than selling them on e-Bay for two or three times the price, we're selling them at HALF PRICE. We only have a small number of these and once they are gone they are truly gone (except for the one we already squirreled away in our house).

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Finally correcting many long-standing misconceptions about the geography of our own planet, the Peters World Atlas presents one sixtieth of the Earth's surface as an astronaut's eye view on each double-page spread. Its unique use of colour and relief is intuitive, so jungles are green, deserts are brown, and mountains appear to bulge out of the page. Arno Peters unique method of mapping the planet is based on surface area, and depicts all the countries and continents on the Earth in the same proportion to each other that they actually have on the globe. The 43 magnificent main maps are arranged by continent, and all use the sames scale, thus giving each of the countries and continents equal representation. In addition to this, 242 thematic maps explore such topics as nature, society, global rainfall, birth control, marriage, weather, status of women, employment and military strength, among others. In full-colour.

Ullmann version of the Peters Atlas (published in 2010) is larger, heavier, and up-to-date in terms of the data on the 242 thematic maps. Technology advances, internet usage, and military figures included. Shows changing figures on income inequality.

Hardcover: 232 pages

Publisher: hf ULLMANN (September 1, 2010)
ISBN-10: 3833155604 ISBN-13: 978-3833155604
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