Peace Tree

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Everything you need to setup your own Reach and Teach Peace Tree that lights up and responds to people talking about peace on Twitter with the hashtag #peace. You get a string of 50 lights which are special Adafruit Neopixel LEDs that are individually programmable. The lights are attached to a box that connects up to your WiFi. The attached USB cable supplies power from any 5 volt source or plug it into a power outlet using the included USB adapter. 

String the lights on any indoor plant or any other place you want to hang the lights. The Peace Tree is for indoor use only. We are working on an outdoor, waterproof version.

Each Peace Tree is made to order, so please allow a couple of weeks for us to get one assembled and shipped out to you. Our goal is to have around 200 Peace Trees out in the world!

peace tree hardware
The Peace Tree at Reach and Teach
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