Ocean Drum from Peru

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Reach And Teach says:

We got the wonderful blessing to be able to visit with JamTown's founder at the San Francisco Gift Show this year and beyond simply enjoying his company we also got to play with many of the instruments in his booth. We also got to hear some great stories about the artisans who create these beautiful crafts. 

We picked up this "drum" and heard the sound of the ocean as we moved it around. Then, we got a lesson on how to really use it and wow, it was fantastic. Somewhat like a rainstick but with many more possibilities, this instrument will add a special flavor to any musical gathering. 

If you have anyone in your life who loves making music, especially with unique instruments not found every day, this is a marvelous gift.

About the Drum:

Cool gourd drum with goat skin, about 9" diameter, filled with stone so you can turn it over and hear the sound of the waves washing up on the shore.

By tipping the drum just so... you create the sound of distant crashing ocean waves or shell and sand rolling in the surf. This 'drum' offers a relaxing laid-back sound. And learning how to make the sound is part of the exercise. If you rush - you may be disappointed. Take your time! Pretend you are at the beach and have all the time in the world. Chop wood and carry water, as the saying goes. When you master the technique (instructions are included) you'll understand the magic of the ocean drum extends beyond the sound. Jamtown has been working directly with artisans in Peru since 1999 and they are particularly proud of the new products they have designed together. It brings them closer to their goal of providing long-term economic support to crafts people, their families, and their communities. 

Reach And Teach is proud and honored to work with Jamtown!

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