Hacomo Pusu Pusu Models

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Reach And Teach says:

A friend came by the shop one day after a visit to Japan and said "I don't know if you guys sell these, but I found them in Japan and I thought it would be something Derrick would really love." Nope, we had never seen them before and YES, Derrick loved them! These small but intricate models are absolutely beautiful, fun to put together, and will be enjoyed for years to come by anyone who spots them in your home or office. When we reached out to the company that makes them in Japan they were thrilled to sign us up as their very first U.S. store! 

We have seven models in stock right now. Choose the option you'd like or let us choose for you! The image to the right is Osaka Castle.

About the Product:

Build three-dimensional scenes and structures simply by inserting tiny cardboard parts into an 8 by 8 cm scene. Each part makes a distinct "PUSU PUSU" sound when slotted together. PUSU PUSU may be small but the quality is real. Combine pieces the way you want to create your own unique world. 

Here are the other models we carry today, Nagoya Castle, The Great Buddha of Nara, the Five Storied Pagoda, Kyoto, The Statue of Liberty, and the Pheonix Hall:




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