Flock of Fame

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Reach And Teach says: How often does someone walk into your shop and say "Hey! My family created this great game and we would love to have it in your shop." Well, actually, it happens a lot but rarely do we open the demo and crack up laughing! This San Mateo family created game is really cute, loaded with lots of sly and not so sly humor (come on, chicken jokes people), nice packaging and cards that feel good to hold, draw, and trade. 

About the Game:

Feeling coop’d up from COVID? Need to get a break from screen time? Try this hilarious game of egg laying, designed and developed by a San Mateo California family during quarantine time and a new backyard coop of chickens.

Have you ever wanted your very own flock of famous chickens? Now is you chance! Build a flock of your favorite hens to lay valuable eggs, while dealing with predators, climate change and diseases. It’s sure to be an eggcellent time for all!

  • Eco friendly cards

  • Hilarious chickens

  • Family Fun

  • Takes about 30 minutes to play!

  • Age 7+

  • For 2-8 players

Sample Cards
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