Codenames: Duet

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This version of Codenames is created specifically for two people (although you can play with up to 4 players)! Instead of going head to head, you'll be working cooperatively to clear the board without revealing any spies.

Each of you will be giving clues to the other. You'll give a word as a hint and a number that says how many different cards you're referring to. Your partner will guess based on your clues, then you'll switch roles. You'll be playing with the same board, but each player will have different words they need to guess. You win if you cover the green slots from both players, and you lose if you run out of timer tokens!

Includes 15 green agent cards, 100 duet key cards (double-sided), 11 timer tokens, 1 assassin card, 1 pad of mission maps, a card stand, 200 word cards, and the instructions.

2-4 players, ages 11+

15-30 minute playing time


Price: $24.95