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Close your eyes and think of the typical map of the world with which you grew up (and a grammar teacher who made sure you got that sentance correctly structured). OK, sorry to have interrupted your thought with parenthetical comments. Think of that map, which by the way, is known as a Mercator Projection. OK, there I went again interrupting you. Think. Imagine Greenland. Now, imagine South America. OK, maybe you're not as good as remembering that as you might be. Now your mind is wandering to what's for lunch so I'll stop. Look at this typical map. 

And now for the question: Which has the bigger land mass, Greenland or South America?

Ding Ding Ding Ding! You're probably saying Greenland. Alternative fact!!!!! Not True!!!!! But it is on the map. It is clear. As President Donald Trump might say "It is in the books and manuals." Alas, dear reader, tis not true. It is what it is? Well.... it all depends on what your definition of "it" is. (See there, I'm picking on a different president now). Can you find Greenland on the map below? Wayyyyyy up towards the top, squeezed in at the edge. Now look at South America. Hmmmmm........ could those manuals and books have been wrong (I'm back to picking on President Trump now). 

Is your head exploding looking at the map above? Where the heck is everything? Why does it all look so funny. That can't be right, can it? The team at Reach And teach was at our very first Home Schooling Conference many years ago when across the room there was this booth completely dedicated to maps. Maps? We wondered. And.... those maps looked REALLY strange. Well, over the next few days we got schooled and decided to hook up with the fine people at ODT Maps!

ODT Maps and Reach And Teach

We are quite grateful for many years of partnership with ODT Maps and have quite a few great products from their long legacy of business. ODT taught us that maps matter, the way in which a country or region is represented has an impact. Maps are tools of social justice or injustice. Check out some of the products we're featuring at this time and for a little extra fun, watch this clip from the West Wing that covers one of ODT's most famous products, the Peters Projection Map. 


How Maps Change Things: A Conversation about the Maps We Choose and the World We Want By Ward L. Kaiser Cover Image
ISBN: 9781770645660
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Published: Copperhouse - June 30th, 2013

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Atlas Obscura, 2nd Edition: An Explorer's Guide to the World's Hidden Wonders By Joshua Foer, Ella Morton, Dylan Thuras, Atlas Obscura Cover Image
ISBN: 9781523506484
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Workman Publishing Company - October 15th, 2019

The Atlas Obscura Explorer’s Guide for the World’s Most Adventurous Kid By Dylan Thuras, Rosemary Mosco, Atlas Obscura, Joy Ang (Illustrator) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781523503544
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Workman Publishing Company - September 18th, 2018