Holly Brady - Pescadero - Book Talk

Holly Brady is a dear friend who has helped bring many author's stories to the world. In her new book she is sharing a story inspired by her activism and the people she has met and worked with. Here's how she describes the book.

"I BELIEVE in the power of story. As a developmental editor and former director of the Stanford Publishing Courses, I’ve spent a lifetime digging out, poring over, and working with stories—the best of which have profoundly touched me and changed my worldview. Such stories—powerful, evocative and absorbing—have been instrumental in motivating me to finish my own novel Pescadero.​

Pescadero is a work of fiction. The characters and story arc are imagined, but the descriptions of what today’s migrants experience as they attempt to cross America’s southern border are largely true. The details have been shared with me personally during my activism and work with undocumented families and those who support them at the border in Juarez, Nogales, and San Ysidro; and in Pescadero, California. I’ve listened to many disturbing stories, walked desert paths, accompanied asylum seekers to court, and interviewed those charged with detaining and deporting migrants, all while researching this book."

Craig Wiesner will interview Holly about the book, open the floor up for your questions, and then Holly will sign books. And yes, there will be treats

Event date: 
Sunday, April 21, 2024 - 4:00pm
Event address: 
1179 San Carlos Avenue
San Carlos, CA 94070