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This memoir and spiritual guide from an Austin, Texas cab driver is “the real deal: good taxi and straight dharma” (Jack Kornfield, bestselling author of The Wise Heart).

Brian Haycock was a cabdriver—who happened to be a Buddhist. During the course of his career, he learned that each fare provided an opportunity to learn the life lessons of the Buddha. So, hop in and buckle up; we’re off on our journey to self-discovery, passing through the precepts, the four noble truths, taking a hard left to stop and get coffee—where we’ll learn a few breathing techniques to bolster our patience—all the while watching for ambulances and bikers, focusing our attention and awareness so that we can arrive at our destination in good time and in one piece. Here are stories from everyday life that demonstrate how we can all benefit from a little Buddhist philosophy. With each chapter focusing on a specific topic, readers will learn to coast their way to building a life routine, focusing the mind, calming themselves with breathing exercises, and much more.

“Engagingly written.” —Stephen Batchelor, national bestselling author of Confessions of a Buddhist Atheist

“Compassionate and entertaining.” —David Brazier (aka Dharmavidya), author of The Feeling Buddha

“Amusing and wise.” —Arthur Jeon, author of City Dharma and Sex, Love, and Dharma: Finding Love Without Losing Your Way

“Wise and witty and direct: very Zen. Also, fun to read.” —Sylvia Boorstein, national bestselling author of Happiness is an Inside Job and That’s Funny, You Don’t Look Buddhist

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ISBN-13: 9781612830018
Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing
Publication Date: October 31st, 2010