Imprisoned: By My Own Damn Mind! (Paperback)

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Imprisoned: By My Own Damn Mind is a journey through the life thoughts of a child arriving to adulthood, who is unable to maintain any kind of relationship with any human being because of the negative thoughts in his head.

How did those thoughts get in his head? Who put those thoughts inside his head and made him believe that the thoughts were absolutely true?

Labels were inaccurately placed on this young child without any explanation. Educators accepted this term without any understanding of the impact to the child. The child was separated from a normal setting and put into an abnormal setting and asked to behave normal. Other children in the same age-group of our child noticed him and his new environment. Then the flood of horrible name-calling came in and drowned our child in misery. Of course, our child internalized all this pain. That gave voice to the prison guard in his head. He got locked up in his head by the thoughts he think about himself daily.

Is there any freedom from this mind prison? It's a sad tragedy when your closest friend is suicide. You think he (suicide) has the only way of escape from all of the horrible pain you feel inside you.

Welcome to my tormented loneliness--imprisoned by my own damn mind.

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ISBN: 9798888324776
Publisher: Christian Faith
Publication Date: April 10th, 2023
Pages: 84
Language: English