The SEPA Project (Paperback)

The SEPA Project By Jillian B. Moody Cover Image
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She awakes, ready to start her new life. She can't wait to begin.

How is she to know this will be her eleventh beginning?

In the last country where water runs clean and society still thrives, one Sepa has been doing exactly as she's been told since birth. She's a spy sent to observe the clans in the outside world, offering them a meager share of her country's resources in exchange for the treasures the Old World left behind. With a Sepa's memory modifications, the ruling Family can empty her memories for study upon her return, and she's always given them readily. Only this time, someone in the Family wants her to spy on her own government. In exchange? She's allowed to keep her memories for the very first time. She'll find that keeping memories comes with a whole host of wonders-family, love, friendship-but it also comes with the secrets those in power would kill to keep.

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ISBN: 9798869212412
Publisher: J. Moody
Publication Date: March 9th, 2024
Pages: 414
Language: English