Timo's Voyage - children's book 6-12: the Story of the Frog without Legs (Paperback)

Timo's Voyage - children's book 6-12: the Story of the Frog without Legs Cover Image
By Mike Vosgerau (Translator), Ira Potter
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A Magical Adventure

After an accident, Timo has to use a wheelchair. His family has to move, and Timo is afraid of going to his new school. What can he do to cope with his fear? He needs a friend, and in the night before his first day of school, a little visitor appears - a frog in a wheelchair He takes Timo on a magical journey where the boy learns how others deal with difficulties in life.

'Eh, excuse me, ' the frog croaked, 'could you possibly lend me a hand? As you can see, it's not going so well with the legs ..., ' he shrugged and pointed to his missing legs.
Timo stared back without moving and stuttered softly, 'I am going crazy. I am going crazy. I see things that aren't there.'
'Ahem, I don't want to be impertinent, but could you please help me up? Without legs, the jumping really is quite difficult ..., ' the frog croaked in a markedly polite manner.
'But you aren't really there, ' Timo murmured hesitantly, addressing more himself than the frog.
'Yes I am ' the green creature cried happily, 'and here is proof: I am real, because I am here, and you can see and hear me, and now you may touch me to lift me up on your bed.'
In the last moment, just in time, Timo managed to stifle a second scream. The frog was talking to him What in the world ...? There was a frog in his room, sitting in a wheelchair, and what's more, talking to him?
Timo shook his head as if to shake away the image before him on the floor. But the frog was still squatting there, waiting for something to happen.
'I am not in a rush, really not, but I would appreciate if you could at least explain why you don't want to lift me up, ' the frog now said and grinned at him with his broad white-rimmed mouth.
'Y-you can talk?' was all Timo could think of.

A children's book ages 6-12 to read out loud, full of adventure, easy to understand, for every child who loves fantasy stories.

Wonderful for learning how to live with special needsperfect for parents, libraries, and classroom story times

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ISBN: 9798729392469
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: April 1st, 2021
Pages: 100
Language: English