The Grand Inquisitor (Paperback)

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"He comes silently and unannounced; yet all-how strange-yea, allrecognize Him, at once The population rushes towards Him as if propelledby some irresistible force; it surrounds, throngs, and presses around, itfollows Him.... Silently, and with a smile of boundless compassion uponHis lips, He crosses the dense crowd, and moves softly on. The Sun ofLove burns in His heart, and warm rays of Light, Wisdom and Power beamforth from His eyes, and pour down their waves upon the swarmingmultitudes of the rabble assembled around, making their hearts vibratewith returning love. He extends His hands over their heads, blesses them, and from mere contact with Him, aye, even with His garments, a healingpower goes forth. An old man, blind from his birth, cries, 'Lord, heal me, that I may see Thee ' and the scales falling off the closed eyes, the blindman beholds Him... The crowd weeps for joy, and kisses the ground uponwhich He treads. Children strew flowers along His path and sing to Him, 'Hosanna ' It is He, it is Himself, they say to each other, it must be He, itcan be none other but He He pauses at the portal of the old cathedral, justas a wee white coffin is carried in, with tears and great lamentations. Thelid is off, and in the coffin lies the body of a fair-child, seven years old, theonly child of an eminent citizen of the ci.

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ISBN: 9798709600225
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: February 15th, 2021
Pages: 26
Language: English