Woodworking: 97 Tips and Tricks for Workshop design and how to use must have woodworking tools for beginners (Paperback)

Woodworking: 97 Tips and Tricks for Workshop design and how to use must have woodworking tools for beginners Cover Image
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4 BOOKS IN 1 DEAL - BOOK 1 - HOW TO CARE AND MAINTAIN YOUR HAND TOOLS- BOOK 2 - ESSENTIAL HAND TOOLS EVERY WOODWORKER MUST HAVE- BOOK 3 - HOW TO DESIGN YOUR FIRST WORKSHOP- BOOK 4 - HELPFUL TIPS, TRICKS AND HACKS-Are you new to woodworking and want setup your own workshop?-Do you want to learn about woodworking tools and how to use them?-Do you want to learn new tips, tricks and hacks?If your answer is yes, this book is for you CLICK BUY NOW TO GET STARTED TODAY IN THIS BOOK YOU WILL LEARN: -How to use sharpening tools-How to maintain Benchstones-How to maintain bench grinders-How to maintain hand tools-How to sharpen handsaws-How to use chisels and gouges-How to use bench planes-How to use scrapers-How to maintain roughing and shaping tools-How to take care of braces and bits-How to sharpen power tool blades-How to use router bits and shaper cutters-How to maintain circular saw blades-How to maintain band saw blades-How to maintain jointer and planer knives-How to maintain portable power tools-How to repair portable power tools-How to maintain stationary power tools-How to use table saws-How to use radial arm saws-How to use band saws-How to use jointers and planers-How to use drill presses-How to use lathes and shapers-How to plane correctly-How to use the Card Scraper-How to use cabinet scrapers and scraper planes-How to use Japanese chisels-How to use hammers and mallets-How to sharpen planes and chisels-How to keep your tools sharp-Must have router bits-How to use rabbeting bits-Drill press tips and fundamentals-Low-Cost workshop options-How to use the Bench Vise-Tips for Sawhorses-Workshop Storage Tips-Dust Mask and Respirators Tips-How to start planning your ventures-Supplementary tips for beginners-How to develop your own designs -How to shape wood-Bandsaw and Jigsaw tips-How to handplane like a pro-How to smooth wood-Ripping techniques-How to apply crosscuts-How to break edges-How to taper legs using tablesaw-Wood moulding techniques-How to fix mistakes and moreCLICK BUY NOW TO GET STARTED TODAY.

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ISBN: 9798687131346
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 17th, 2020
Pages: 652
Language: English