Existential Rationalism: Handling Hume's Fork (Paperback)

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- Do you wonder why the world has become so irrational?
- Are you curious which Eastern insight can fix this?
Discover existential rationalism, the groundbreaking philosophy that restores the role of reason in Western thought. Its sensational first casualty is the quantum computer, which it exposes as a mere fantasy since its premise is a blatant contradiction: "operation by pure observation."

For centuries, Hume's challenge to reason remained unanswered. Besides brilliant science, the resulting intellectual vacuum also drew haughty claims of objective knowledge bolstered by expert peer reviews and citations. Existential rationalism counters with a revolutionary combination of phenomenology ("first-person philosophy") and mainstay Zen. It unmasks the Western belief in a knowable reality as a compelling illusion produced precisely by our desire to transcend. But it also has the remedy By tracing back reason's roots in human value, it dusts off the laws of rational thought as still our best bet to understand the world, notwithstanding the significance of experimental verification.

The implications reach well beyond the holy grail of quantum computers, from psychology to the very foundations of power. Open your mind for a well-researched iconoclastic exploration that reveals the magnificent forest of existence for some deceptively obvious trees.

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ISBN: 9798536269749
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 18th, 2021
Pages: 180
Language: English