Liver Rescue Meal Plan & Cookbook: Your Healthy Foods & Recipes that Helps Overcome Fatty Liver Disease, Obesity, Diabetes, Acne, Enhances Skin & keep (Paperback)

Liver Rescue Meal Plan & Cookbook: Your Healthy Foods & Recipes that Helps Overcome Fatty Liver Disease, Obesity, Diabetes, Acne, Enhances Skin & keep Cover Image
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A healthy liver is an important factor for a healthy life This is true because when our body is under growing exposure from the many pollutants it encounters every day, our Liver will be accountable for detoxifying the body through neutralizing and eliminating the toxins our body is exposed to from external sources and also all those created from normal metabolic reactions in the body. Our Liver is accountable for many important functions in the body, including the metabolism of digested meals particles, synthesis of vitamin D, synthesis of bile salts and the storage of vitamins A, B12, D, E and K. It is also accountable for the cleaning up (phagocytosis) of aged blood cells and white-colored blood cells.
One important functions will be the detoxifying and processing of metabolic waste products and other substances such as drugs, insect sprays, alcohol, hormones and caffeine.
This disposal system works in three steps. The first two actions are known because phase I and phase II liver detox pathways and this is where your liver gets the waste products together, busting them down into small parts and neutralizing them so they are safe in order to excrete. The excretion of the waste products is the third step and happens mainly through the kidneys and bile.This system needs various nutrients to keep it functioning well and it also needs each part functioning at the correct speed. In case phase I will be working at a faster pace than phase II you can get a banking up of garbage Our liver can generally deal with the pressure we put it under, but when one is exposed to lots of environmental toxins (such as xenoestrogens, BPA, phthalates, parabens etc) and you couple this with a stressful life, poor eating habits, alcohol, coffee and drugs like headache medication, your liver starts to suffer.

Some common causes of liver problems include:
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Having autoimmune disease
  • Eating processed foods (in particular, hydrogenated oils and refined sugar)
  • Taking certain medications, not getting the proper nutrients from your food (malnutrition).

  • Fatigue
  • Bloating or constipation
  • No appetite, especially in the morning
  • Waking during the night, around 2 am
  • Intolerance to fatty foods
  • Recurrent infections
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Headache or migraines
  • Chemical sensitivities
  • Acne, rashes or other skin issues.
It's easy to neglect the parts of our body that aren't immediately obvious, but the liver serves some pretty important functions.
  • Balancing protein, fat and sugars in the bloodstream
  • Eliminating old red blood
  • Storing vitamins, minerals and glycogen
  • Eliminating toxins from your bloodstream
  • Producing bile to digest fat and break down hormones are few of its many functions.
Some tell-tale signs that your liver isn't working well;
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Finding it difficult to lose weight
  • Experience chronic fatigue
  • Excessive sweating
  • If you experience bloating or gas
  • Constipation
  • Heartburn or acidity re-flux and more.
So essentially, if your liver's pissed, other systems in your body will react to let you know something is wrong.
When you think of liver damage, you typically think of excessive alcohol consumption, but it is fully possible to have an incorrectly functioning liver without drinking.
In this book I have compile lots of healthy foods and their recipes that can reverse liver problems and give you a much more healthier liver.
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