The Evil Element: A Columbia Gorge Paranormal Thriller (Paperback)

The Evil Element: A Columbia Gorge Paranormal Thriller By Todd D. Clark Cover Image
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Alice, a teenage girl initiated into an occult organization by her late grandfather, is stuck in the resort town of Hood River, Oregon, for the summer, far from her Hollywood home.

Determined to summon a spirit without the help of her overbearing mentor Victor, Alice enlists the help of a group of locals to perform a magick ritual in an abandoned building.

The ritual brings a mysterious, evil element to earth, a sentient oil-like substance that disguises itself in the grease trap of a dive bar on the edge of town, The Red Carpet.

Soon, working through a rat, the evil element unleashes a campaign of terror that threatens the animals in the forest surrounding the bar as it plots to find a human host.

The plea of a desperate squirrel summons the paranormal Ape Cat back to Earth. Crossing dimensions, the supernatural beast makes a dangerous trek through the Columbia Gorge to stop the evil element's diabolical plan.

But will the shadowy men of The Agency capture the Ape Cat before it can destroy the evil element?

Product Details
ISBN: 9798350713701
Publisher: Tdcwritings
Publication Date: July 28th, 2023
Pages: 310
Language: English