The Mystery of the Sea: Guide to learn to walk on Water (Paperback)

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There is a power that you already feel in your life. Do you experience events, lining up too perfectly, to be a coincidence? When Magic knocks at your door, how do you explain your experiences? Journey through the enchanting realities of the 'Otherworld' as you learn to understand the Laws of Magic and its secrets of Initiation: When journalist Jason Adams discovers a strange ring, he starts an extraordinary quest that goes deeper than he ever dared to dream.... But are the dream images his anchors on the journey between reality and transpersonal dimensions? Join Jason in a stirring magical story, where doors swing open to unknown worlds to reveal the secret layers of life. Time and again it turns out that what down-to-earth Jason regards to be fantasy, is really connected to the Hermetic Mystery Tradition: legends like Atlantis, The Egyptian Book of the Dead, and Alchemy. When he learns how to create a magical protection he receives the answer to the central question: what is the true nature of this Ring of Power? Follow in the footsteps of famous scholars of the past like Marsilio Ficino, understand the magical levels in texts such as the Lancelot Grail, and find the reality behind stories of great magical teachers such as Dion Fortune. Great initiates teach through storytelling This novel explains some carefully guarded secrets of the Hermetic Mystery Tradition, and tells the story of a journey towards a true initiation in a modern Mystery Temple. Foreword by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicky.

About the Author

Ina Custers van Bergen, is a well-known and respected esoteric teacher. Heading the Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight, and author of 35 books, she teaches the Hermetic Mystery Tradition through seminars, worldwide and online. She clearly relates the ancient secrets of magical experiences to the contemporary intellectual view on life. "Magical praxis needs to be underpinned by scholarship, but its true value lies in the enchanting experience of the transpersonal layers of the mystical experience, the Illumination by the Light Within."

Product Details
ISBN: 9789086120697
ISBN-10: 9086120695
Publisher: Stichting Temple of Starlight
Publication Date: September 9th, 2015
Pages: 284
Language: English