High Intensity Lasers for nuclear and physical applications (Hardcover)

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The aim of the book is to provide a comprehensive and unified description of high-intensity short laser pulses and their applications at the simplest level compatible with a correct physical understanding. The idea is to provide an intuitive picture of the phenomena under consideration with simple mathematical description useful for a better understanding. The book is based on the teaching experience of the graduate course of the Politecnico di Milano "HIGH INTENSITY LASERS FOR NUCLEAR AND PHYSICAL APPLICATIONS I + II" and is particularly addressed to graduate students with a background in electromagnetism; is mostly suitable for master students in Nuclear Engineering, in Engineering Physics, and in Physics and It's recommended also to students in material sciences (or similar) and to PhD students. The text organization is due to help to follow the lessons in the classroom
and to be used for self-study by students.

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ISBN: 9788893851886
ISBN-10: 8893851881
Publisher: Societa Editrice Esculapio
Publication Date: February 27th, 2020
Pages: 244
Language: English