Wicca Moon Magic: An Illustrated Wicca Grimoire of Moon Rituals and Spells for Advanced and Beginner Witches. A Guide to Understanding a (Paperback)

Wicca Moon Magic: An Illustrated Wicca Grimoire of Moon Rituals and Spells for Advanced and Beginner Witches. A Guide to Understanding a By Trina Quinn Cover Image
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You're About To Discover How To Use Wiccan Magic To Channel The Power And Energy Of The Moon To Change Your Life

The moon has played an essential part in stories, customs, and civilizations all around the globe since the dawn of human culture. The moon has been connected in magic with many fundamental issues of human existence, such as desire, fertility, death, afterlife, and rebirth. This heavenly body is now an essential aspect of Wicca and other types of witchcraft.

When we connect with the moon's energy, we facilitate the realization of desired changes in our lives.

So, suppose you've ever desired to form or enhance relationships with other people, whether for romantic, business, or pure friendship reasons or to improve your physical well-being. In that case, there's a particular moon phase you may aim for.

If you want to overcome particular hurdles, resolve disagreements, or eliminate sources of disease, you may do it by focusing on a specific phase...

The possibilities for learning how to do moon magic are nearly limitless.

However, if you're starting, all of this might sound and seem fantastic, but it can also be incredibly intimidating and scary You could be thinking to yourself:

How can I utilize moon energy to improve my life?

What is the procedure for this?

Where can a complete newcomer even begin?

What spells are involved, and how can I learn them?

If such thoughts are racing through your head right now, you've come to the correct place, and I have the ideal guide that has all the answers to these and many more questions.

This thorough book has been artistically and skilfully prepared to assist any Beginner through the whole process of doing magic with moon energies in easy stages. This book aims to teach you how to utilize the moon's phases to transform any part of your life using Wiccan spells.

To be more specific, this book will educate you:

  • Nature's strength
  • How the energy of the moon affects nature
  • The Moon's Role in Wicca
  • The moon's primary components in Wiccan spiritual rituals
  • The Moon's Operation
  • How to Use the Magical Timing of Moon Phases to Cast Spells
  • How to Use the Lunar Phases
  • The Lunar deities and their relationship to the lunar cycle
  • A complete analysis of the lunar cycle's magical powers begins with the new moon and continues through all nine phases of the moon's voyage around the earth.
  • The full and blue moons and their significance in Wiccan magic
  • The lunar cycle spells, comprising magical recipes, procedures, and correspondences, will help you make the most of your connection to the moon's power.
  • How to Align Your Intention with the Moon's Energy

...and much, much more

You no longer need to search for a handbook to teach you magic since this one includes all you need, even if you are a total novice

Just one quick question:

What would you start with if you could alter things inside and around you?

When you think about it...

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ISBN: 9783986532048
ISBN-10: 3986532048
Publisher: Trina Quinn
Publication Date: November 26th, 2021
Pages: 124
Language: English