Nanoscale Phenomena: Fundamentals and Applications (Nanoscience and Technology) (Paperback)

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By Horst Hahn (Editor), Anatoli Sidorenko (Editor), Ion Tiginyanu (Editor)
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1. Extinction and recovery of superconductivity by interference in superconductor/ferromagnet bilayers.- 2. Aharonov-Bohm oscillations in small diameter Bi nanowires.- 3. Point-contact study of the superconducting gap in the magnetic rare-earth nickel-borocarbide RNi2B2C (R=Dy, Ho, Er, Tm) compounds.- 4. Peculiarities of supershort light pulses transmission by thin semiconductor film in exciton range of spectrum.- 5. Nanostructuring and dissolution of cementite in pearlitic steels during severe plastic deformation.- 6. Advanced method for gas-cleaning from sub-micron and nanosize aerosol.- 7. Deformation mcrostructures near vickers indentations in SnO2/Si coated systems.- 8. Grain boundary phase transformations in nanostructured conducting oxides.- 9. Copper electrodeposition from ultra-thin layer of electrolyte.- 10. Effect of plasma environment on synthesis of vertically-aligned carbon nanofibers in plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition.- 11. Single-atom transistors: switching an electrical current with individual atoms.- 12. Electronically tunable nanostructures: metals and conducting oxides.- 13. Impedance Spectroscopy as a powerful tool for better understanding and controlling the pore growth mechanism in semiconductors.- 14. Studying functional electrode structures with combined scanning probe techniques.- 15. Integrated lab-on-a-chip system in life sciences.- 16. Integrated lab-on-a-chip system in life sciences.

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ISBN: 9783642261220
ISBN-10: 3642261221
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: March 14th, 2012
Pages: 213
Language: English
Series: Nanoscience and Technology