Close Encounters of the Microbial Kind: Everything You Need to Know about Common Infections (Paperback)

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Chapter 1. Microbes and infectious diseases
SECTION 2. SKIN INFECTIONSChapter 2. AcneChapter 3. Skin abscesses (boils)Chapter 4. DandruffChapter 5. Fungal nail infectionsChapter 6. Fungal infections of the skinChapter 7. ChickenpoxChapter 8. ShinglesChapter 9. Common warts
SECTION 3. INFECTIONS OF THE RESPIRATORY SYSTEMChapter 10. The common coldChapter 11. InfluenzaChapter 12. Sore throatChapter 13. Coronavirus disease-2019Chapter 14. Acute sinusitisChapter 15. Chronic sinusitisChapter 16. Otitis media (middle ear infection) Chapter 17. Otitis externa (swimmers ear) Chapter 18. Acute bronchitis (chest cold)
SECTION 4. INFECTIONS OF THE EYEChapter 19. Conjunctivitis (pink eye)
SECTION 5. INFECTIONS OF THE ORAL CAVITYChapter 20. Tooth decay (caries)Chapter 21. Gum diseaseChapter 22. Bad breathChapter 23. Oral thrushChapter 24. Oral herpes
SECTION 6. INFECTIONS OF THE GENITO-URINARY SYSTEMChapter 25. Cystitis (lower urinary tract infection)Chapter 26. VaginitisChapter 27. ChlamydiaChapter 28. GonorrhoeaChapter 29. Genital herpesChapter 30. Genital wartsChapter 31. Syphilis
SECTION 7. INFECTIONS OF THE GASTROINTESTINAL SYSTEMChapter 32. Gastroenteritis due to CampylobacterChapter 33. Gastroenteritis due to SalmonellaChapter 34. Gastroenteritis due to Clostridium perfringensChapter 35. Gastroenteritis due to NorovirusChapter 36. Gastroenteritis due to Rotavirus

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Professor Michael Wilson is an Emeritus Professor of Microbiology at University College London and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists. He has written 337 scientific papers and 12 books on microbiology and infectious diseases and has supervised the research projects of 35 PhD and 46 MSc students. As well as carrying out research and teaching, he has 33 years experience in the laboratory diagnosis of infectious diseases. Dr. Philippa J. K. Wilson graduated in medicine from Nottingham University Medical School in 1995 and then worked in hospitals for five years before becoming a General Practitioner in 2001. She passed the exams for membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners in 2009. She currently works on the south coast of England as a Primary Care Physician/General Practitioner.

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