Meaning-Making in the Contemporary Congregational Song Genre (Paperback)

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Chapter 1 Contemporary Congregational Songs Genre Formation and Scrutiny


Key Questions and Findings

The Formation of a Genre

Perspectives on CCS History

Selected Scholarship

Why Music Semiology? (Texts, Writers, Audience)

YouTube - the Primary Text

Chapter 2 Contemporary Congregational Songs

What's in a Name?

Praise and Worship Theology

Contemporary for whom?

Defining congregational

Songs or Music?

Are the most sung songs representative of the genre?

Songs Under Analysis

Chapter 3 The Contemporary Congregational Song Industry (Poietic Analysis Pt 1)


Where Do They Come From?

Authenticity, Originality, and the Singer-Songwriter

The Production Milieu

Industry Insights

Chapter 4 So the Songwriters Say (Poietic Analysis Pt 2)

Who's who?

Writing for the People

Performance or Participation?

Predicting Success


Chapter 5 The Old and New Guard - Ways of Thinking for Contemporary Congregational Songs Writers (Poietic Analysis Pt 3)

Bridging Old and New

Theological Considerations


Roles and Writing

Poietic conclusion

Chapter 6 How Christians Feel About the Songs they Sing - Individually (Esthesic Analysis Pt 1)

Methods and Background

To Sing or Not to Sing

The Individual's Perspective and their Voice

Why Christians Connect with Certain Songs

Chapter 7 How Christians Feel About the Songs they Sing - Corporately (Esthesic Analysis Pt 2)

Australia's National Church Life Surveys

What Gathered Worshipers Really Think

The Other NCLS Survey and What it Reveals

The Big Picture of Local Churches' Musical Worship

Synthesizing the Individual and Corporate

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Publication Date: October 21st, 2021
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