Advances in Mathematical Sciences: Awm Research Symposium, Houston, Tx, April 2019 (Association for Women in Mathematics #21) (Hardcover)

Advances in Mathematical Sciences: Awm Research Symposium, Houston, Tx, April 2019 (Association for Women in Mathematics #21) Cover Image
By Bahar Acu (Editor), Donatella Danielli (Editor), Marta Lewicka (Editor)
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Preface.- I. From the Plenary Talks.- Finite element methods for elliptic distributed optimal control problems with pointwise state constraints (S.C. Brenner).- II. Algebraic Combinatorics and Graph Theory.- Some q-exponential formulas involving the double lowering operator ψ for a tridiagonal pair (S. Bockting-Conrad).- Distance graphs generated by five primes (D.D-F. Liu, G. Robinson, A. Chavez).- Combinatorial characterization of queer supercrystals (M. Gillespie, G. Hawkes, W. Poh, A. Schilling).- (Tenner).- III. Algebraic Biology.- From chaos to permanence using control theory (S. Koshy-Chenthittayil, E. Dimitrova).- Classification on large networks (A. Haupt, T. Schultz, M. Kharami, N. Tran).- Gr bner bases of convex neural code ideals (K. Phillipson, E.S. Dimitrova, M. Honecker, J. Hu, Q. Liang).- Gr bner bases of convex neural code ideals (B. Stigler, A. Zhang).- IV. Commutative Algebra.- Depth of powers of squarefree monomial ideals (L. Fouli, H.T. H , S. Morey).- A note on the uniqueness of zero-divisor graphs with loops (A. Li, R. Miller, R.P. Tucci).- Some combinatorial cases of the three matrix analog of Gerstenhaber's theorem (J. Rajchgot, M. Satriano, W. Shen).- Structure of semigroup rings (H. Srinivasan).- Using Monte Carlo particle methods to estimate and quantify uncertainty in periodic parameters (A. Arnold).- A note on singularity formation for nonlocal transport equation (V. Hoang, M. Radosz).- Prescribing initial values for the sticky particle system (R. Hynd).- Towards directed collapsibility (R. Belton, R. Brooks, S. Ebli, L. Fajstrup, B.T. Fasy, C. Ray, N. Sanderson, E. Vidaurre).- Contact Open Books and Sympectic Lefschetz Fibrations (B. Acu).- A robust preconditioner for high-contrast problems (Y. Gorb, D. Kurzanova, Y. Kuznetsov).- On the dimension reduction in prestrained elasticity (S. Jimezes Bolanos).- Machine learning in crowd flow exit data (F.P. Medina).- The matter of shape (M. Ozkar).- Being research-based and research-minded in helping K-12 mathematics education (A. Ekmekci, A. Papakonstantinou).- The Rice University school mathematics project (A. Papakonstantinou, A. Ekmekci).

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ISBN: 9783030426866
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Publication Date: July 17th, 2020
Pages: 369
Language: English
Series: Association for Women in Mathematics