SOCIAL MOVEMENTS AND EMPOWERMENT A Case of Dalit Movements in Telangana (Paperback)

SOCIAL MOVEMENTS AND EMPOWERMENT A Case of Dalit Movements in Telangana By Shanker S Cover Image
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This deals with the work of importance the Social Movements and Empowerment of Dalits in Telangana. And the significance and the historical emergence of Dalit Movements in Hyderabad as well as Telangana state. The movements have brought several changes which were related to the self assertion, self respect, and fighting against inequality as well social discrimination and also it was provided space for the Dalit leader to form their social organization for protecting rights of Dalits in the state. In this state there were many potential leaders were there among them Bhagya Reddy Varma, one of the Pioneer upholding rights of the marginalized sectionsaswell Dalits. He was initiated Dalit Movements in Telangana from 1906(Jagan Mitra Mandali) onwards the movement had been increased many ways which were prominent to discuss in my thesis and also the major steps which they have followed for building strong Dalit movement in Telangana for the empowerment of the Dalits in the field of Social, Discrimination, inequality, education, and also empowerment through the social movements which they have been protecting for the rights of Dalits and also creating awareness among the community. Bhagya Reddy Varma has given space for the people those who have been working with commitment towards the benefits of the community as well as the organization for protecting rights of the untouchables in this state. Among the untouchables there was huge leadership for up hold the rights of the people. In this movement there were many people working along with The Leadership namely Shyam Sunder, B S Venkat Rao and Ramaswamy and also others working with the pioneer Bhagya Reddy Varma.

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