Mass Movement: The digital years, volume two (Paperback)

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The Best of Mass Movement: The Digital Years Volumes I & II are the result of a crazy five year period that saw Mass Movement reluctantly enter, and make its mark on the digital age. They are a testament to the power of the underground and capture the essence of a magazine and website that celebrated, and continues to champion, the writers, musicians, artists and scenes and the people who make life a glorious adventure.

It was never supposed to last or be anything other than an underground punk rock fanzine. But fate had other ideas and for the last two twenty two years, Mass Movement has been navigating its own singular course through the often strange and always wonderful worlds of punk rock and geek culture.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781999758172
ISBN-10: 199975817X
Publisher: Earth Island Books
Publication Date: March 26th, 2021
Pages: 486
Language: English