Knight in Shining Amor (Paperback)

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Attempting to mend the particle pieces of her demolished heart and shattered soul, Angeni is finding a new life with her daughter Natalee in America. After once enjoying a life blessed with eternal wealth, a plethora of privileges and a romantic marriage, Angeni's life now consists of caring for her beloved grandson while holding down a part time teaching job at her daughter's University. Intimacy, affection and endearment, having now adopted declarations of anguish, desolation and agony, Angeni believes love is no longer a gratification she will ever know again. While taking delight in the pleasure of exploring a new country with her grandson Jake and his school mate Maya, she befriends an intelligent gentleman named Marco. The more time the children spend together, the more Marco and Angeni find they have in common. As Angeni's friendship with Marco grows, she finds that her soul reignites deep emotions she once believed extinct and finds her heart coming alive again. Through this time of emotional and confusing rediscovery of her soul, she realizes something completely unforeseen. As her fondness for Marco grows she can no longer deny that her heart still bleeds for her ex-husband, Joaquin.

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ISBN: 9781983336898
ISBN-10: 1983336890
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: November 3rd, 2018
Pages: 348
Language: English