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1. Lucifer is liberal, big-hearted, a friend of man, a defender of liberty, and an outstanding executive about a hundred times smarter than us. He offers additional power, extra money, a heightened sense of importance, and the thrill of doing what others refuse to. He is a smashing success, and he is changing the world. We ain't seen nothing yet His goal reads as death to all Christians. As a wolf in sheep's clothing, he disguises himself in high-sounding sophistry to hide his actual intent. He backs multiculturalism to gain division and lack of trust, scientific theories to bankrupt economies, equal rights for unfair advantages causing the productive to no longer care about their work, demands of personal rights to destroy law and order, self-assertion to tear apart society, unfounded slander repeated daily to discourage leaders, and any means available to foment anger, destruction, rebellion, and murder. Under seemingly altruistic and mistaken Christian ideals: the equal sharing of wealth and social justice, power becomes concentrated under a handful of global leaders. Idealistic and na ve hearts are taken advantage of and continue to labor under these banners. 2. The ennobling teaching of Jesus remains sonship with God. This teaching appeals to, and wholly welcomes all men. One heavenly Father, all mankind united by sharing the same Father, which will quicken every aspect of society. Our free choice asks us to decide. This is "The War for Minds.

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Gregg has an M.S. in Applied Mathematics, taught Public School Religion for twenty-five years, a fourth degree Knight of Columbus, and spent fourteen years in Scouting-two as a Scoutmaster. He is an author in Cleveland, Ohio.

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