Women's Secrets: 46 Safe Shampoo Recipes + 22 DIY Wonderful Gifts (Paperback)

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Women's Secrets: 46 Safe Shampoo Recipes + 22 DIY Wonderful Gifts BOOK #1:46 DIY Household Hacks Natural & Homemade Organic Shampoo Recipes for Healthy Hair

You will see the difference in no time how great your hair will look when it isn't loaded with chemicals and other man made products that strip it's natural oils etc. It has been getting covered and soaked in artificial hair products for far too long. Not only will your hair look great but you will save a large amount of money making these healthier homemade hair remedies. You will have great looking hair that didn't cost you a small fortune to achieve

If you truly want to do something that will improve the health of your hair, then trying the recipes in this book are going to help you to get that healthy hair you really want in a totally natural way.

Why not treat yourself and your hair to some natural homemade organic hair products. Not only can you save your hair, but you can also save a ton of money by making your own hair products. You are going to get wonderful healthy results with your hair by using these natural hair shampoo recipes

BOOK #2: DIY Holiday Gifts: 22+ Adorable Last-minute DIY Gifts That Everyone Will Love (And No One Will Guess You Are Actually Broke)

The phrase "Do It Yourself" has become quite prevalent and is often the rallying cry of many a would-be hipster or trend setter. In this book we take DIY to heart and show you the never ending versatility of your own imagination in crafting homemade gifts that seem store bought. You will be amazed at the reach of DIY gifts as they come spiraling out of your imagination and into the hearts of your nearest and dearest loved ones this holiday season

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