$1000 Billion: Gold Pot (Paperback)

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CONGRATULATIONS You have just picked up the best book ever written, with the latest updations ever included, using the finest pen ever made, set down on the world's most futuristic outlook. You'll learn the most modern ways to move forward to better prosperity, the best financial information I've ever received, and the latest techniques to grow. This is the 2nd book after DIGITAL Economy Millennium OPPORTUNITY. My advice I have to share with you is: Think Like a Trillionaire as everything happens twice- First in mind; then in reality. I'll even share with you some of my most intimate secrets, like what think fit, how the future unfolds, and what really happens if you miss getting updated. I'm sure you will find this the most useful, very informative, best-researched book you have ever read. But if you don't, I strongly suggest you must read it again. Respectfully, Dr. Raam Ms.Aiswarya.

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ISBN: 9781976703621
ISBN-10: 197670362X
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: December 21st, 2017
Pages: 76
Language: English