The Endurants (Hardcover)

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Eschatology 101

The study of the final events of history

and the ultimate destiny of the human race.

A 10-week theology course. It was supposed to be an easy elective to fulfill my degree requirement at the university.

Wars, and Rumors of Wars.

Global Climate Devastation.

Famine. Pestilence. Pandemic.

Economic Collapse.

Suddenly the Apocalypse, the End of Days, no longer seemed like a far off fairy tale. It may not be the Second Coming of Christ, but it sure looks like the end of civilization as we know it.

Jim Morrison once opined, No one here gets out alive.

Except us. We will endure.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781952474330
ISBN-10: 1952474337
Publisher: Wordcrafts Press
Publication Date: May 28th, 2021
Pages: 104
Language: English