Scrum: Mastery - The Essential Guide to Scrum and Agile Project Management (Lean Guides with Scrum, Sprint, Kanban, DSDM, XP (Paperback)

Scrum: Mastery - The Essential Guide to Scrum and Agile Project Management (Lean Guides with Scrum, Sprint, Kanban, DSDM, XP Cover Image
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Scrum is adaptive, efficient, agile, and simple. So why are you struggling?

Not all organizations that adopt the Scrum framework will have a smooth transition. Some may find themselves grappling with new concepts and new ways of doing things.

The work process under Scrum is wildly different from the Waterfall method so even if Scrum is simple to understand, it can be difficult to master. The reasons vary as to why there is resistance to change, but the real reason is the lack of solid understanding of why a change has to be made.

The tech industry moves at unprecedented speed in terms of releasing new products to the market. Because the traditional project management methods are slow to respond to the demand, firms are switching gears and integrating Scrum in their process. As a result, people are thrust into a new system that they do not have a clear grasp of.

In this book, you'll be able to understand the Scrum framework and how the concepts work in the real world.
You'll discover:

  • What made traditional methods obsolete
  • How Scrum became the new standard for managing projects
  • How Scrum enables a leaderless system
  • Why Scrum works even with a diverse group of people
  • How Scrum brings together people with different skills and expertise
  • How Scrum enables teams to deliver high-quality products
  • How big companies use Scrum to achieve their goals

The book is structured in a way that answers the Why, What, Who, and How of Scrum to give a holistic view of the framework. It explains elements of the Scrum process, including team roles, workflow, tools, and team dynamics. This will help both novice and experienced practitioners to integrate Scrum into their daily lives.

With a better understanding of Scrum, it's easy to embrace the framework because of the positive things it does to team dynamics-whether in tech companies or firms operating in different industries.

Mastery of Scrum can only happen if you have a solid understanding of its concepts, ideas, principles, and real-world applications. This book is a great take-off point and something that you can take with you as you head on to your Scrum journey.

Whether you're a project manager trying to fit in the new leaderless system, a coder getting used to new responsibilities, or a software engineer grappling with newfound accountability, this book will guide you as you navigate the exciting world of Scrum.

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