Intermediate Guide to Ceramic Glazing: Layer Glazes, Underglaze, and Make Triaxial Blends (Paperback)

Intermediate Guide to Ceramic Glazing: Layer Glazes, Underglaze, and Make Triaxial Blends By Gill Roy Cover Image
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Powerful glazing techniques for intermediate ceramic artists

Are you a ceramic artist that struggles with glazing?

Do you want to take your glazing skills to the next level?

Do you want better glazing outcomes for your next clay piece?

Are you tired of wasting time on bad glazes?

Inside this book you will discover:

- The #1 ingredient to use in your glaze if you want to show off the detail and patina in your bisqware

- How to use washes and underglazes to bring out the details in your bisqueware

- Unique glaze combinations for Cone 6 and Cone 10 glazes

- One rookie mistake that could ruin your bisqueware (and your kiln)

- The #1 technique to capture the intricate details of any ceramic piece

- 10 tricks that separate the work of an experienced ceramic artist from a rookie

Here are the answers to some questions you might have about this book:

Q: I don't have any fancy equipment, can I still use the techniques inside this book?

A: Yes. You don't need a fancy studio to do good glazing. All you really need is access to a traditional kiln, to get started.

Q: How much experience does the author have?

A: I'm a ceramic artist that always struggled with glazing. After research, I have accumulated enough knowledge to help you get good glazes.

Can I improve my craft with this book?

A: Yes. This book has been designed in a way that anyone who has prior experience with glazing will be able to add to their knowledge and skills. Even if you cannot do the techniques on your first try, simply being aware of them and implementing the little tricks will take your glazing to the next level.

Note: This book does not have pictures

This book can also save you a lot of time doing research on solving your biggest problems with the tricky art of glazing.

Don't delay and keep getting unsatisfactory results with glazing.

Take action now and buy this book

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