General Chamberlin: America's Equestrian Genius (Hardcover)

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Filled with equestrian insights, Harry Chamberlin's biography is the story of a preeminent equestrian theorist and teacher, an adoring father and husband, a brilliant military officer and a genius in the saddle.His career spans 34 years of accomplishment. He trains the 1st Cavalry Division to become "the best-trained division in the Army" and one of its most decorated combat divisions during World War II. He earns the highest respect of generals and sergeants. At the Olympics of 1932, the US Cavalry's greatest horseman, Major Harry Chamberlin faces a problem: His prized jumper goes lame. Rather than scratch, Chamberlin mounts a gray mare on which he has never competed before, rides into the stadium as 105,000 spectators look on, and surmounts the most difficult jumping course in Olympic history. His performance astounds to this day. A horseman of uncanny abilities, Chamberlin devises a unique combination of techniques to ride and train. His system enables novice riders to begin on a solid foundation and seasoned Olympians to further hone their skills. He combines French, Italian, German, and American methods to fashion a revolutionary new riding "seat" which remains the standard for many equestrians around the globe today.

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ISBN: 9781948717236
ISBN-10: 1948717239
Publisher: Xenophon Press LLC
Publication Date: June 1st, 2020
Pages: 406
Language: English