Essential Bible Story Maps: 39 Reference Maps and 30 Mapping Activities (Paperback)

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Immerse yourself in the Story of the Bible. With these 39 maps, you can take off your shoes and walk the dusty paths of Abraham, Samson and Jesus.

The maps in this set walk you through one biblical story at a time so you can follow the geographical thread that runs through the narrative of the Bible.

This is not a Bible atlas. Those are good resources and you should have one on hand, but we were aiming for something different here. This is a companion to reading the Story of the Bible from beginning to end. You can either follow along with the characters on the reference maps, or mark their paths yourself on the activity maps. As biblical storytellers, we wanted to be able to show our hearers the places where the stories took place, so that they could immerse themselves that much further in the Story.

Maps included:
Abram's Journey to the Promised Land
Abraham Offers Isaac
Abraham's Servant Finds Isaac a Wife
Jacob's Journey to Haran and Back
Jacob in the Land of Canaan
Joseph Betrayed into Egypt
Judah and Tamar
Joseph's Brothers go to Egypt to buy Grain
The Journey from Sinai to Kadesh
Israel Defeats the Amorite Alliance
The Southern Campaign
The Northern Campaign
Boundaries of the Twelve Tribes
Jael and Sisera
Samson and the Philistines
The Journey of the Ark
The Kingdom of Israel Under Solomon
The Divided Kingdom
Israel and Judah's Exile
The Four Empires of Daniel's Statue
Mary and Joseph's Journey to Bethlehem
Jesus' Family Flees to Egypt
Jesus Amazes the Teachers in the Temple
Jesus' Ministry Begins: His First Trip to Judea
Jesus' Second Trip to Judea
Jesus' Popularity Grows
Jesus Rejected in Galilee (1)
Jesus Rejected in Galilee (2)
Jesus Rejected in Galilee (3)
Jesus' Final Journey to Jerusalem
Philip's Missionary Journey
Peter's Missionary Journey
Paul's First Missionary Journey
Paul's Second Missionary Journey
Paul's Third Missionary Journey
Paul's Journey to Rome
The Topography of Israel
Land Cover and Vegetation

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