From Pieces to Peace: 32 Years of Lesbianism: Finally Letting Go of the Chains of an Unclean Spirit (Paperback)

From Pieces to Peace: 32 Years of Lesbianism: Finally Letting Go of the Chains of an Unclean Spirit Cover Image
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"From Pieces to Peace"... Three decades of emotional and mental abuse, looking for that perfect woman but never found. The mountain of pain and obstacles I walked around got larger and larger, and each piece of brokenness increased in size and difficulty."I felt so violated, all I could do after she left was cry. The word "RAPE" came into my mind for the first time. No one would ever believe I was raped by a woman. I would have to take this secret to my grave."One day, the white flag of my heart called out to Jesus. He knocked and I answered with desperate relief. This is my story and testimony, my chance to show how God delivered me from a lifestyle jam-packed with pain, brokenness, and loneliness. It is my hope that as you read my story, you see yourself and realize there's more for you. God has better plans and a better future for you.Read my story. See how God reached down and grabbed me out of a world that was slowly killing me and keeping me away from His sweet calling.It does not matter how long or how deep you have been enslaved by the claws of homosexuality; God is able to not only free you, but to also make you new and cleanse you whiter than snow. Freedom, peace, and laughter await you on the other side of obedience.

About the Author

Tanya S. Meade is a woman, a bowler, a pool player, a Homeless Advocate, and, after 32 years of homosexuality, she has been called out of the deep darkness into God's marvelous light. She is an Evangelist/Prophet and now, a published Author. Tanya loves spending time with the Lord Jesus Christ, reading, studying the Word, and listening to music that takes her straight to the throne of God. She lives in Capitol Heights, Maryland (USA) where she has been a Histology Tech in the Healthcare field since 1988. She is currently working on her ministerial ordination.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781945117824
ISBN-10: 1945117826
Publisher: Pearly Gates Publishing LLC
Publication Date: June 25th, 2017
Pages: 116
Language: English