Simple Steps to Foot Pain Relief: The New Science of Healthy Feet (Paperback)

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Don't just treat your foot pain--strengthen your feet to prevent it.

Back with an expanded edition of her popular book Every Woman's Guide to Foot Pain Relief, biomechanist Katy Bowman has created a new version for both men and women in all walks of life.

With updated material and new visuals that illustrate exactly how to strengthen and mobilize your feet, Simple Steps to Foot Pain Relief will show you how to change the way you move your body to prevent pain, heal your feet, and halt damage to the rest of your body. Bowman's simple, accessible, innovative program will help you naturally address lower-leg and foot issues such as:

- Hammertoes
- Bunions
- Plantar fasciitis
- Poor posture and alignment

Bowman walks you gently through exercises to strengthen your feet, what shoes you should (and should not) be wearing, and how these choices affect your overall foot--and whole-body --health.

Simple Steps to Foot Pain Relief will teach you how healthy feet work optimally and help you put your best foot forward on the path toward moving with greater ease.

About the Author

Biomechanist Katy Bowman, MS, has become a leading voice for the science of wellness. The creator and talent behind the Aligned and Well DVD program, the Director of the Restorative Exercise Institute, and the creator of the Restorative Exercise DVD kits for Gaiam, Bowman s goal is to educate the public about correct exercise prescription, traditional movement, and how modern living impacts the human machine.

Long before becoming a international health celebrity, Bowman opened a small studio - now a very large institute - utilizing her studies in biomechanics and kinesiology to design safe exercise programs for injured or post-rehab patients. Dedicated to the teaching the ABCs of movement, she developed a reputation for achieving unprecedented results in pain reduction, increased bone density, and improved metabolic health. She is a regular contributor and expert for national health, fitness, and wellness publications and TV segments."

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ISBN: 9781942952824
ISBN-10: 1942952821
Publisher: Benbella Books
Publication Date: September 6th, 2016
Pages: 192
Language: English